Automotive manufacturers need intelligent solutions for the automation of their application techniques since each manufacturer has a unique approach when it comes to design and manufacturing techniques.

The complex design and geometric are difficult to seal. The cosmetic seams in optical areas such as doors, hoods and tailgates are even more complex and must also meet the optical requirements. This means that the application technique must be of a high level of precision and quality.

Our automation solutions provide products of good quality and high efficiency.

New | Efficient | Application

Application solution

We provide automated special solutions for a vast range of unusual tasks and combined applications which we incorporate into one cell for our customers.

Our integrated system produces fully automated solutions for the automotive customer

We provide complete automation solutions for covering holes with high precision and process monitoring.

The hole covering can be undertaken in two processes:

  • Plugs / adhesive pads
  • Tesa sealing patches / pads

The main advantages of our systems are that the pads / patches are positioned accurately at high speed and degree of repeatability.

Each hole is measured and checked after the application with an integrated vision system and by the applicator.

The feedback from the vision system and the applicator is fed directly into the HMI.

We provide complete solutions in one integrated package for your paint shop.

Our integrated automation solutions provide an efficiently produced product with high quality.

The integrated application technique not only reduces 40% of the space but also 20% of the hardware in planning, enabling the customer to save 30% of the cost.

  • UBS / Airless
  • FAD / Cosmetic seam
  • GAD / Interior sealing
  • E-swirl

We provide automotive manufacturers with a completely integrated solution for sound absorption application (LASD / SAM / NVH).

Our integrated robot system provides a consistent bead pattern and continuous outlet pressure.

Our systems can apply the complexity of reaching interiors, roofs and doors for application.

We provide automotive manufacturers with an innovative solution for the cleaning process.

The integrated robot concept with wet or dry cleaning processes provides a completely automated solution with self-cleaning and collision detect technology.

  • Twin line brush
  • Rotating cleaning unit (edges & corners)
  • Integrated ionization (Dry)

We provide our customers unified integrated robotic solutions with the 2K application foaming system.

  • A flexible modular system
  • Continuous material flow guarantees
  • High-pressure mix by utilizing the counter current injection principle
  • Dip free and spray free application

We provide our customers with highly precise harmonized solutions for efficient corrosion protection of car chassis.

Our product ranges incorporate the development of customized nozzle to reach the different parts of the car so that the robot-controlled process results in efficiently achieved quality.

  • Different nozzle incorporated in one head
  • Nozzle exchange station
  • Cost reduction compared to conventional system

Our focus

We apply a digital workflow method to ensure the customer a transparent management of the project.

As the automotive industry moves towards digitalization, we help the customer to achieve their digital factory.

We select the necessary equipment and design production cells virtually.

We work with tools and products that can be easily integrated into the digitalization process.

The major benefits of digital planning:

  • Flexible Hardware & software planning
  • Cost reduction
  • Software commissioning
  • Risk assessment
  • Advantage for development technologies

We plan the entire process completely in a 3D virtual environment.

We design, simulate, analyze and verify the robot programming in real-time in 3D representations before the introduction to manufacturing processes.

This enables us to give the customer a transparent overview of the project and an opportunity to investigate results virtually.

It also means that we are able to reduce the risks in software and hardware commissioning, lower modification requirements during real commissioning, achieve shorter commissioning times and reduce costs.

We offer:

  • Robotic simulation
  • OLP
  • Process access studies
  • Virtual commissioning for PLC and HMI

We offer our customers real time pre-commissioning in our pre-mounting hall with test center before shipment.

We also provide hands-on training to the customer in our test center.

This enables a strong bond between GE&PM and the customer.

Our advantages

Component analysis
for plant construction

Own design & development
of components


High quality

Real time


GE&PM GmbH has invested in a new showroom in Leonberg to show their application technology to the customers and to test the new R&D techniques. Also, it is a place for the customers to test and realise the applications from GE&PM on their own product.

As the first step, GE&PM made the test cell for the hole covering application with two variants: Plugs and adhesive pads including camera-based measurement as well as inspection.

In the next step, there will be the sealing, wax and brush cleaning application along with the conveyor systems.


As the automotive sector moves towards e-mobility, we can also support the automotive customer in achieving its electric vehicle production.

We offer robot integrated solutions for



Thermal paste application

Hot foaming



In future

We are focusing on data analytics, ML and AI. Each machine provides an enormous amount of data which can be analyzed, structured and used by the machine to make its own decision.

And our innovation team mainly focuses on developing the products based on Industry 4.0, which enables the manufacturers to achieve their targets effectively.